name I am a qualified Gestor Técnico Inmobiliaria (Technical estate agent) with an independant diploma in Judicial Auctions (Subastas Judiciales). I have worked for Cases Xalo, a builder and estate agent based in Jalon (Xalo) for over 5 years and have successfully relocated numerous families into a new life in Spain.

The truth behind the beautiful Jalon Valley

15th February 2011
When considering buying a property abroad many people decide on the sunny climate and white san beaches that line the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain. One of the most desirable areas of Spain is the stunning Jalon Valley. However, recent negative news rep... Read >

Selling your villa in the Jalon Valley, Spain.

15th February 2011
Many people are currently selling their home in the picturesque Jalon Valley. Many are ex-pats who for diverse reasons are returning to their homeland, whilst others are looking at purchasing in another area of Spain or simply down sizing or upgrading the... Read >