Selling your villa in the Jalon Valley, Spain.

Published: 15th February 2011
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Many people are currently selling their home in the picturesque Jalon Valley. Many are ex-pats who for diverse reasons are returning to their homeland, whilst others are looking at purchasing in another area of Spain or simply down sizing or upgrading their home to fit their requirements. So what do you need to do to sell your home?

1) Check all your documentation is correct, to date and valid. This means that any extensions you have made to the property, under builds that have been converted to living accommodation and car ports built must be reflected on the deeds. If this wasn’t done at the time of the building works then it must be done now. Why? Would you buy a property if all 5 bedrooms weren’t stated in the deeds, or the swimming pool didn’t legally exist? This may mean, depending on the works carried out, you may have to pay tax on the works done, but an advisor (gestor) or even a builder and qualified estate agent like Cases Xalo will be able to manage this for you.

2) Your IBI bill must be paid to date. An IBI bill is your property tax and this must be paid to date. A potential buyer may ask to see the last bill and certainly their legal advisors will want to see this, as will the notary when the deeds are exchanged. In the Jalon Valley area the IBI bills are issued by SUMA. If you have outstanding bills to pay then you must go to your nearest SUMA office with your identification and ask for the outstanding bills.

3) Research the estate agents in your area. There is a choice of estate agents in the Jalon Valley. There are agents who have offices, those that speak Spanish, those that have websites, etc. So who do you choose? You certainly want to choose an agent who speaks Spanish and English. This means that they are able to target speakers of both languages as well as translate and organise meetings between the lawyers and at the notary. Do choose an agent that has presence, who has qualifications in real estate and isn’t afraid to tell you the truth. Don’t choose agents who you feel are pushing you into listing your property with them, who are prone to describing 1 bedroom apartments as luxury penthouses or have reputations for pushing buyers into excepting below market value offers on their property. Do ask the agents to provide a comparative valuation (please remember that unless they are qualified valuers then a valuation carried out by a estate agent in Spain can only be comparative) and don’t be greedy. The agents know the market and know what people are expecting to purchase for their money, so listen to their advice.

4) Read you’re listing description. Many sellers don’t read how the agents that they have chosen have described their property. Maybe there is something that you feel has been left out or something you want to omit. Look at your house from a buyer’s point of view. Is the description enough to want you to view the house? Is it too long winded? Are the photos mediocre or are they simply stunning? Do the photos show the true depth of the property? Make sure the photos aren’t all taken with wide camera lenses – many buyers think that all wide camera lenses photos of the interior means that the rooms are too small and that these types of photos are deceptive.

5) Excepting offers. Make sure all offers are done in writing, via email, letter or fax. As a seller you should know what price you will receive, what commission is to be paid to the agents. You must be aware that you will have to pay your PlusValia tax (capital gains) and other personal fees like lawyers, so take this into account before expecting an offer.

Cases Xalo is an established estate agent specialising in the Jalon Valley, Orba Valley and surrounding areas of the Costa Blanca, Spain. Cases Xalo are able to assist in all aspects of purchasing and selling property from documentation to notary, with a superb after sales service. With a building service that holds an enviable reputation in the Jalon valley, Cases Xalo are also able to offer all clients a construction service second to none, as well as modifying all documentation required after building work has been carried out. Visit or email

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